Pong3D on TV Wartburg @ Clash 2011

I am collaborating with TV Wartburg creator Tristan Kruithof, developing applications for his dual-faux-projected-screens-on-a-car concept. An anaglyph 3d version of the classic pong game, played by two players with trackballs on opposite ends of the car, is the first interactive act and premiered at Clash 2011 in the Oosterpoort, Groningen.

Interactive Panoramas

By interactively manipulating the perspective in a 360 x 180 degree panoramic image, you can get a sense of "being there".

Have a look around

All of the images above can be explored interactively. Click in the middle of the image and hold down the mouse button. Then drag the mouse gently in the direction you want to turn the camera to. If you want to stop moving the camera, release the mouse button.