With us in Spirit (2)

A couple of months ago I met MKgallery owner and patron of the arts Karmin Kartowikromo for the first time. We spoke about what it is like to own a gallery, about my work and "perspectives". I was humbled when a few days later, he came to visit me and asked me to participate in a small exhibition with the title "Beyond the Picturesque of the Perspective". Then, two weeks before the exhibition was to open, Karmin and his partner Emmo died in a car accident.

While I had met Karmin only three times, even I know I am missing out on so much more than just a place to show my work. Karmin and Emmo meant so much more to so many people, and to the arts in general. Nevertheless, in each of our three conversations Karmin mentioned he would like to see more people open a gallery. So it was great to see the MKgallery open its doors once more for the celebration of the 75th issue of Tubelight magazine, the art review magazine cofounded by Karmin. And in true MK tradition, there was food for everyone.

Interactive Panoramas

By interactively manipulating the perspective in a 360 x 180 degree panoramic image, you can get a sense of "being there".

Have a look around

All of the images above can be explored interactively. Click in the middle of the image and hold down the mouse button. Then drag the mouse gently in the direction you want to turn the camera to. If you want to stop moving the camera, release the mouse button.