an installation conserving an event’s memories

Oantinken is an interactive installation that conserves memories of an event in a huge wall of 'Weck’ jars ('Kilner jars’ or 'Mason jars’). The project is a collaboration with Tryater and based on concepts that were developed by students of the Utrecht School for the Arts.

Oantinken (Frisian for memento) consists of two parts: a cross-platform mobile app that asks you to capture certain moments by making a photo and a huge wall of stacked jars where you can conserve these snapshots. The images are collected and find a place in a new context. A kind of resonance is thus created, a recollection of what took place during the event. It will not be a balanced memory, but rather one manipulated by the collective.

The installation was originally developed for the island of Terschelling, during the Oerol 2013 festival. The performance at Oerol fell through, but the project later premiered at the Noorderzon 2013 festival in Groningen.

I was involved as a software developer in both parts of the installation. For the mobile app, I was responsible for the iOS version and the geolocation section. I also initiated the projection on the back of the weck-jars. The projection was controlled through blender and python, and I was responsible for the animation of clusters of picked photos.

Based on concepts by Niels Dielen, Jelle van Doorne, Anca Siegersma en Mick Vonk.

Rodrik Biersteker: Projectleiding
Roderick Gadellaa: Software development
Ferdy Guliker: Support
Aldo Hoeben: Software development
Mark IJzerman: Sound design
Arnaud Loonstra: Software development
Machiel Veltkamp: Support
Wijnand Veneberg: Vormgeving


Project kickoff


Premiere at Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival


Shown at Tryater