Tordinaire on the Dom

After the succes of Bilderraus during VJ on the Dom 2011 invited me back for another round of projection mapping the lower part of the Dom tower in Utrecht.

Like the previous year I was involved in the calibration of the projection on the dom and consulted the team of creatives during the production of their shorts. In cooperation with I further perfected the structured light 2d calibration technique I developed for the Trompe L'Oeil projection.

For my part of the animation, I was once more inspired by game-characters. I decided I had to do something new again as a worthy followup to my segment, something I had not seen done before. Instead of using 3d software to render an animation, I opted to apply my knowledge of perspective manipulation to stopmotion animation and practical effects.

For the claymation animation featuring Pac Man, Mario, Angry Birds and Nyan Cat amongst others, I worked with Tessa Schlechtriem. The manic sound-track was once again provided by Tijs Ham and Mark Ijzerman.


First workshop


VJ on the Dom 2012